Teamwork is the secret behind one of the best equipped, most productive hardwood sawmills in Canada

Flexibility is the hallmark of our sawmill, and thanks to its, custom-built optimizing equipment we’re able to simultaneously manufacture a wide range of standard and custom-made wood products.

  • An FSC supply chain drawn from the best hardwood forests
  • Double-taper sawing technology
  • Geometric and vision-scanning technology
  • Annual production capacity of over 15 million MBFT/36,250 cubic meters
  • logs_hardwood_scan

    Facilities – Sawing 1

    Double-taper primary sawing allows for alignment with the natural grain of the wood. Tri-dimension analysis using laser technology allows for an optimal yield of raw materials.

  • Facilities_sawing_lumber_components_quality

    Facility – Sawing 2

    The versatility of our sawing equipment and the expertise of our employees enable us to produce a wide range of quality products while optimizing raw material use.

  • hardwood_grading_NHLA_

    Facility – Sawing 3

    Optimal wood processing in terms of volume and quality is attained using geometric and vision-scanning technology.

  • hardwood_lumber grading_drying_NHLA
  • bin_sorter_lumber_components_hardwood_Champeau


Respect for tradition has enabled Champeau to master the drying process

Pre-drying in a controlled environment protects and preserves freshly cut lumber, reducing defects caused by exposure to sunlight and the elements.

The drying process is carefully adjusted to the characteristics and dimensions of the lumber. The traditional drying method coupled with our ultramodern control systems gives excellent results. However vacuum-drying is unparalleled when stability and brightness of color are crucial.

  • Computer-controlled drying

  • 1 325 000 MBFT/3068 cubic meters kiln capacity

  • Temperature and humidity-controlled warehousing ensures a protective and stable environment for dry-wood storage.
  • CHampeau_drying_Vacuum_job_career

    Facilities – Drying 1

    Our vacuum drying facilities significantly accelerate the drying process while providing a superior quality product.

  • champeau_drying_dryers_conventional

    Facilities – Drying 2

    On the left, a T shed protects freshly cut squares from sun, rain, snow, and prevailing winds. On the right, some of the company’s conventional dry kilns.

  • hard_Maple_red_oak_Aspen_lumber_Champeau_NHLA_HT

    Facilities – Drying 3

    Temperature and humidity-controlled warehousing ensures a protective and stable environment for dry-wood storage. Computerized inventory and production management enables us to maintain an optimal flow of raw materials.

Secondary processing

Our state-of-the-art dimension mill is carefully designed to meet the most stringent requirements of the current wood components market

From the optimized ripping line to packaging and shipping, all our operations are centralized.

For years we’ve worked hard to improve and refine our equipment and workforce in order to present our clients with an impressive selection of products ranging from the simple to the intricate.

Our rigorous production management system enables us to provide just in time delivery on custom-made product orders.

  • Fully integrated ripping, trimming, molding, dowelling, sanding, and laminating operations
  • Computerized ERP production management system
  • Research & development
  • Annual production capacity of 7 million MBFT/17,000 cubic