Hardwood logs procurement

Log procurement - Champeau The Harwood Company

The woodlands have been part of our life for generations. This is the reason why we make every effort to optimize the potential of every tree harvested. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our respect for the environment, and we are proud of our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. As this certification attests, we are strongly committed to the management of the forest in a responsible way, thus assuring a perpetual supply of natural resources for future generations.

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Our specifications for hardwood logs

  • Buying all species of hardwood logs pallet through veneer

  • Minimum diameter: 9’’ at the small end

  • Maximum diameter: 32’’ at the large end

  • Length’s :

    • 6’ to 16’ in one-foot intervals + 6” trim
    • 6’ and 7’ logs accepted in Sugar Maple and Yellow Birch. 12’’ & up, 3 CF & better
  • Payment for logs sourced in Canada :

    • In the Eastern Townships, according to the SPFSQ schedule
    • Outside of the Eastern townships, payment is by direct deposit by Champeau every Tuesday
  • Payment for logs sourced in the USA :

    • Payment is preferably by direct deposit by Champeau, once per week

Our hardwood logs yards.

Saint-Malo, QC
Frontenac, QC

Chichester, NH
Colebrook, NH
Enosburg Falls, VT
Passumpsic, VT
West Topsham, VT
Chateaugay, NY

Champeau benefits

  • Using international scale rule
  • Payment by direct deposit or check
  • Scale slips & invoice e-mailed or mailed weekly
  • Transport & logistics (learn more)

We strongly support logger education and have partnered with :


The procurement team at Champeau has educated me, and our woods team on how to maximize the bucking process of sawlogs to gain the highest financial yield per tree. This has put us at a competitive advantage with working with landowners.
Jeffrey C. Eames, Fort Mountain Companies