Hardwood dowels product - Champeau The Harwood Company

Our hardwood dowels are kiln dried to a moisture content of 6–8% and cut to exact length. Lengths can vary from 8 to 96 inches (20 cm to 244 cm). All hardwood dowels are defect-free and manufactured according to color and grain specifications provided by our clients. Hardwood dowels may be purchased sanded or unsanded.

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Species & diameters

Species Hard Maple - Hardwood dowels product - Champeau The Harwood Company

Hard Maple

  • 1/4″ to 2 7/8″
    (6 mm to 73 mm)

Species Red Oak - Hardwood dowels product - Champeau The Harwood Company

Red Oak

  • 7/16″ to 1 1/2″
    (11 mm to 38 mm)

Species Yellow Birch - Hardwood dowels product - Champeau The Harwood Company

Yellow Birch

  • 7/16″ to 2 7/8″
    (11 mm to 73 mm)

Hardwood dowels can be sanded to client specifications.


It is easy for me to recommend Champeau to any business who is wanting a true working partner.  We all want that in life or business – one who is going to commit to try understand their business, processes, and any special requirements then deliver quality. This is only tested when you enter into a relationship with trust and commitment on both sides.  I have started this working relationship with Champeau and am completely confident that it is a part of my growing success and one I am happy to recommend to anyone looking for the same.  Their mission statement is spot on!

Andrew Glazebrook, Fine Woodturning

Thank you for providing us with an excellent product to make our product the best !

Cindy Lair, Schacht Spindle

I have been dealing with Champeau for over 20 years and greatly appreciate the excellent quality of the product & service they provide.

Manoo Mahmoodi, Art For Everyday

The quality of the squares and milling were absolutely first class—thank you so much.

Robert Neudorfer, Neudorfer

I’d like to thank everyone at Champeau for your excellent products and service. The quality of the hard maple lumber you provide my business is the best I’ve ever seen. It’s always a pleasure working with you friendly employees. They make sure my orders are correct and delivered in a timely manner. Again, thank you for making my job easier.

Keith Clark, Dubuque Clamp Works